Sunday, July 10th by Ash Arons

Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed some be(e)utiful weather this week. If not, our most recent news is sure to brighten your day: on July 7th, 2022 we were officially recognized as a Xerces Society Bee Campus USA affiliate! We are over the moon with excitement and can’t wait to be(e)gin making the most of our partnership!


Pretty Much Pinned

More good news this week: I finished pinning all of the bees that were caught in the last Pollinator Plot pan trap sampling! They’re going to need to dry for a while on the Styrofoam before I can move them around under the microscope. Our second collection will be occurring next week, so stay on the lookout for brightly colored bowls across campus.

Remainder of the 6/29/22 Collection

An Emerald Angle

This be(e)dazzling sweat bee took the top spot for best microscope pic of the week:

Family: Halictidae Tribe: Augochlorini


Tough Love Kid

Still stuck on the sticky traps this week, I was able to complete one of last year’s collections. The picture you see highlights the reoccurring situation I found frozen across several traps… The four large bugs that look like roadkill are actually aphids, and all of those orange specks are their babies. With over 21 kiddos in this cluster alone I can safely say I’m glad not to be an aphid.

Well That Sucks

Beneficial Bug Compost

Got too many spare bugs lying around and taking up space? Well, I’ve found the perfect (resting) place! Helpful in a myriad of ways, this bug compost will make the most of their short lived days…

Primary Insect Order Featured: Isopoda

[College Garden]

All Tucked In

This week, Dr. Mariola’s team of vegetable garden helpers tackled the first row of mulching. I think the bergamot stood a little taller for this photo:

College Garden, Sunday July 10th 2022

Be(e)tween the Aisles

No new blooms this week, but I got a couple of good pics – have a peek!

Bumblebee on Bergamot
A Lil’ Leaf Beetle on the Butterfly Milkweed

[Pine Patch]

Counting Cones

One new bloom this week: Grey-headed coneflower! I included some more brown-eyed Susans as well to provide a contrasting yellow coneflower.

Grey-headed coneflower, Ratibida pinnata
Brown-eyed Susans, Rudbeckia triloba

Buzz on the Block

Augochlorini on Butterfly Milkweed
Lasioglossum on Grey-headed Coneflower

Be(e)sides the Bees

Monarch Butterfly, Mid-flight
Red Milkweed Beetle, Tetraopes tetrophthalmus
Bun 3 Hanging by the Coreopsis

[Vegetable Garden]

Broken Bag

Beetles be(e)ware! We got another bug bag this week because if you look be(e)neath our original one you will find that its contents gave way… hooray?

Bad Beetles Need to Be(e)have

Apples on Apples

If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop by the vegetable garden you will notice some bags on the Fruit Trees! Each bag is protecting a growing apple and serves as a preventative measure against pests (in the event the Beetle Traps are not enough).

It’s Pepper Weather

Pictures of plants? Sorry, I thought you said pictures of peppers.

How High Can You Grow?

I know that it has been a second since y’all have had updates on the Sister System, but see how much it’s filled in?!

Plants Make Pretty Perimeters
As High As A House

[I.t’S. Coming Along]

First collection down! Several more left to go!

I will need to pin them before I will be able to know

What sort of bees fly to and fro

the William J. Robertson Nature Preserve,

and perhaps even call it home!

Samples from 7/4/2022 Pan Traps (WJRNP)

[Point of View]

You’re a bug on the sidewalk and traffic is light:

A worker harvesting a Harvestmen
Be(e)friending A Beetle
Cicada? More like see ya later!

[So Long!]


Long-horn Beetle, Family: Cerambycidae

(Bee Pun Counter: 9)

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