Sunday, July 24th by Ash Arons

What’s up y’all it’s another wet weekend here in Wooster and the weather has been wicked. I hope you have managed to keep dry, are surrounded by clear skies, and are ready to conceptualize the growth of our Pollinator Patch enterprise!


Field Days

On Monday we visited the William J Robertson Preserve in Rittman, Ohio, where I got a 20-step tutorial in how to conduct a sweep. Since I identified all of the 2021 Fern Valley sweep samples this past week, it’s exciting to have learned that method of specimen collection.

Spittlebug on a Sweep Net, July 18th 2022

Funnily enough, the bug you see above is actually what Dr. Moreno and I are searching for amongst the mulch experiment in the next town over (Orville)! I set up the last set of sticky traps at Lavender Trails yesterday, and we are scheduled to collect them tomorrow. It’s wild that we’re already at the end of our sampling season and are back on track to the start of school…

Augochlorini Stuck in a Sticky Situation

Sightseeing Signs

On Tuesday, Dr. Moreno and a couple of his advisees got to help Brendan Ortiz (Woo ’23) with the start of his hydroponic workshop over in Akron, Ohio. Set up at the Akron Cooperative Farms’ main pavilion, individuals had the opportunity to learn and build their own deep culture hydroponic system. The workshop will run throughout the summer and students will engage with various hands-on activities concerning the ins and outs of urban gardening. During a tour, we spotted an excellent example of warden signage employed by the Cooperative to signal the presence of two honeybee hives nearby.

Warden Signage at the Akron Cooperative Farms

Stars of the ‘Scope

The first of a few lady beetles this blog post, I like this lil guy because the spots make it seem like it’s smiling [ :

14-Spotted Ladybeetle, Family: Coccinellidae

Cool find from the 6/18/22 Pollinator Plot Pan Trap Collection, a Holcopasites cuckoo bee! Known to exercise brood parasitism on Calliopsis bees (the yellow-faced fellows from a previous post), these parasitic bees manage to infiltrate their offspring into solitary bee nests, where they later commandeer food resources from the Calliopsis’ young.

Cuckoo Bee Family: Apidae Genus: Holcopasites

[College Garden]

Purple Reign

The coneflower from last week surprised us with two new blooms! Aren’t they great? The Ironweed bloomed as well over this week, and the bees are already loving it!

Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpea
Honeybees on Ironweed, Vernonia fasciculata

Yellow-Bellied Bugs

Although there is certainly an abundance of aphids on this milkweed, I decided not to counter them with soap because the plant is going to seed and had already stopped flowering. Interestingly though, you will notice how the aphids at the College Garden are yellow whereas those occupying the False Sunflowers in the Pine Patch are red. As aphids are considered primary culprits of plant damage, I’ll keep a lookout for any blue ones!

Aphids Attacking the Red Milkweed

Too Bee-zy To Be Bothered

Blue Mud Dauber Wasp on Mountain Mint
Carpenter Bee on Bergamot (ft. My Reflection)

[Pine Patch]

Watered Plenty

The weather of the past couple of months may have given our plants a slight lean, yet you will notice that they are still happy, lively, and green!

Pine Patch, Sunday July 17th 2022

Hive Mind

In continuation of his study surrounding the impact of honeybees on local bees, Matt Pardi’s bee box has arrived this week in the Pine Patch. You may notice a larger number of honeybees out & about so keep it top of mind that you don’t want to disturb the hive!

Honeybee Hive Brought in for I.S. Research!
Honeybees, Apis mellifera, Investigate the Cement

Special New Petals

One new bloom to the Pine Patch this week: Wild Senna! Also as a bonus, try your hand at spotting the bee… I’m sure our bud is around there somewhere!

Wild Senna, Senna marilandica

Guardians of the Garden

Ladybeetle Amongst A Small Army of Aphids
12-Spotted Pink Ladybeetle (Family Coccinellidae)
False Milkweed Bug, Family: Lygaeidae (Seed Bugs)

Midnight Munchies

Bun 1 & Bun 2 Visit the Pine Patch Past Sun Set

[Vegetable Garden]

Sunny Daze

The sunflowers have arrived and they really showed up in all the colors of the sun! It looks like the bees are already finding them rather fun. And when the rest of the buds begin their blaze there will be more sunny news to come!

Bumblebee on a Sunflower
Pretty-Painted Sunflower Petals

Sprouts Reaching Out

The sisters have apparently decided to branch out from their beds and start networking with one another. Make sure to watch your step if you’re strolling through the straw aisles!

Squash Tendrils Extend Across Adjacent Beds

[Found Around Town]

Hey! That’s a Hibiscus?

I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t associate hibiscus flowers with Wooster, Ohio! Here are several that I spotted across campus, it’s a shame that they’ll be gone before the fall…

Hibiscus Flower Outside of Gault Schoolhouse
Hibiscus Flower on a Route to Scheide
Hibiscus Flower Next To Andrews Hall

Pleasing Pink Plants

Apis mellifera Outside Wooster Admissions
Bee Beside First Presbyterian Church
Stargazer Lillies Nearby Freelander Theatre

Storms A Brewin’

We’ve had a week of storms here in Wooster. On Wednesday these cool clouds could be seen next to the arch, & I managed to get a picture of the lightning mid-strike:

Mammatus Clouds Outside of Kauke
Lightning Strikes Above Wooster Admissions

Insects on the Go!

Butterfly Stops in Schiede’s Shade
Dog day Cicada Goes About its Way
Ivory-marked Borer, Family: Cerambycidae (Long-horn Beetles)

Walking on the Daily

Been Noticing How Green the Grass is Lately…

[Smell Ya Later]

Small Seething Skunk Sets Up Super Secret Lair

(Bee Pun Counter: 1 😧)

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