Saturday, June 19th by Emily Greenland

Here is our second weekly update for the pollinator plots!

New Plant Update –

Our new plants have arrived! Following a short stay in the greenhouse to wait out the colder weather and a stop in the shade outside, we have planted some new plants in both gardens. Next week, we will get a section of the College Garden tilled and ready for the rest of the plants. Here are our plants after arrival and in one of their new homes!









iNaturalist –

We have nearly finished adding last year’s bee collection to iNaturalist and have already gotten some bees identified and verified, thanks to the community of scientists on iNaturalist! We have also finished pinning our pan trap findings from 5/26 and are beginning to move them from the drying blocks to their display box. Stay tuned for next week’s progress as we finish up last year’s bees and move onto our 6/9 collection! Pictured below are some of our pinned bees from 5/26 and our vials from 5/26 and 6/9.









New Blooms-

This week has seen some beautiful new blooms in the Pine Patch! We have Butterfly Milkweed (orange) and Scarlett Beebalms (red).









Cool Bees-

Finally, what would an update post be without bee pictures? Here are our favorite finds from this week’s work:










See you next week!